About Us

Music before the business. Creativity that is “saying something.” We are the new kid on the block but we are one of the few record companies that takes it back to basics. Trifecta records is interested to taking talented artists, nurturing them, guiding and promoting them so that excellent music is embraced and is back at the center of our listening pleasures. We honestly do not wish to criticize other artists, and companies for what they do and how they choose to do it. However we feel that true talent and entertainment can thrill and inspire with out the gimmicks so many resort to while sacrificing the true power of music.

We are an engine for Urban Contemporary Gospel, Christian Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and Worship music. We are open to artists who do not necessarily fit in those genres, but we do know the areas we excel in producing and promoting.  We hope you expand your horizons and experience some of the artists we work so hard to share with you.