What are we doing?

How long should you watch, if you have the ability to jump in and help? Not long. We are fans, supporters, and creators of the arts. Specifically music and the power and influence that it wields. Our dilemma was watching, in our humble opinion, it’s message become more base, vile,…

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Your Part

The time has been put in. Hours of practice, collaboration and sweat. The project is out and you listened. You were moved, inspired, entertained and maybe even impressed. Many companies will say you need to buy, contribute, share and tell someone about the gift of music that has worked its…

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Maybe Our Next Spot?

Christian music is making inroads in China as more young people enjoy experiencing a new sound.  Some Christians have even moved to China to participate in the latest cultural trend. Meanwhile, the next rising star in Chinese music is here. And her popularity is growing faster than ever. May is…

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Trifecta Artists + A Few More